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Who’s the person behind My Texas House?


That’s me! My name is Erin Vogelpohl. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Dusty, for 20 years!We have 3 great kids, ages 16, 13, and 9! And one sweet cavachon puppy named Jessie! She’s 9 years older. I live in a suburb north of Dallas, Texas.
I am not a native Texan! I was born in Washington state and grew up in Arizona. I’ve also lived in Virginia and California before moving here to Texas. I love Texas and it feels like home now. We don’t have any plans to move any time soon.
I was an elementary school teacher (4th grade) for several years before going to graduate school to become an audiologist. Though after 2 years of work in my audiology program, I decided to forgo finishing my graduate degree and instead became a full time stay at home mom. I was a stay at home mom until I started this page, which is now my full time job!



After living in Texas for a year and renting a house, we decided to build a new house for our family. Two months before we were suppose to close on our home, circumstances surrounding the neighborhood we were building in forced us to pull out of our contract on the house. Right after that, we began building our second house in another neighborhood and had to live another year in apartment (yes, I know, crazy!). We lived in that new house we built for only a year before we decided we needed to again find a different neighborhood and also have more room for our family including my mom, who lives with us….so we started brand new home build #3 in a matter of 3 years!

I became very involved in the building process of those three homes…almost obsessing over every single design detail. I felt like I became somewhat of a self-taught expert on home design. I loved every aspect of building our home and designing the interior.

Near the end of our 3rd house build, I decided to start sharing the building process on Instagram just for fun! I saw it as a hobby and a way to connect with other people with shared interests and I loved the community that I found on Instagram. Shortly after we finally moved into our 3rd home and we furnished it, my Instagram page started gaining traction as I posted nearly every day.

I become very involved in decor groups on IG and other decor pages took notice of my page and shared my pictures which further helped to boost my page. After about 9 months of consistent posting and working at it daily, I had a pretty active following! It took another 6-9 months after that before I started working with companies that would gift me products in exchange for promoting them on my page.

And then about 12 months after starting my page, I realized that my little Instagram page had become an actual business! I’ve now been doing this for 6 years. We have had a lot of ups and downs in that time, but I’m so blessed that I am able to now completely support my family with this little page I started. And my husband, Dusty, is now working with me exclusively as my business partner / attorney / handyman / occasional photographer, etc!

If you’ve followed my page for a while, you know that we moved yet again in the fall of 2020! This time we didn’t build the house, but instead found the most perfect home for our family. It was brand new, had a much bigger and more private yard, and mostly importantly had a space where we could create a separate living space for my mom! We have lived in this house for almost a year and completed my mom’s new independent living quarters last spring! Our next big project is our backyard living space and pool!

How did the My Texas House brand at Walmart get started?


In the spring of 2019, I launched the first of my rug collections in collaboration with Orian Rugs on multiple retailers including Walmart, Wayfair, and Amazon. The rug launch was very successful and caught the attention of folks over at Walmart and they approached me and Orian Rugs about launching an exclusive line of rugs for! In the spring of 2020 we launched our first two exclusive rugs, the “Jessie” and the “Grapevine”! Following the success of this launch, Walmart came to me again in May of 2020 and asked if I was interested in developing an exclusive My Texas House home decor line for Walmart! Of course I was over-the-moon excited! All my dreams for my brand were coming true!

We are now about to launch our 3rd round of new products on! In addition to rugs, pillows, bedding, wall art, and window coverings, we will soon be adding bathroom decor, doormats, furniture, outdoor decor and furniture, and much, much more! And, be sure to keep your eye out for the My Texas House products in your local Walmart. We hope to start seeing some of the products in-store by 2022!!



My current house wall color is Sherwin Williams (SW) Drift of Mist. My trim color is SW Pure White. The only room not painted Drift of Mist is our media room which is painted SW Porpoise.

My kitchen cabinets and living room bookshelf cabinets in current house are painted SW Useful Gray.

In my old house, my paint color was Sherwin Williams Repose Gray at 50% strength and my trim and cabinet color was SW Pure White.



In my current house my wood floors are engineered hardwood floors which can be found at The product name is West Winds by Texas Traditions. The color is Lockhart (VA11-N22).



This is probably the most common question I get these days! These are the steps I take to keep our rugs and my house in general clean: 1) We do no shoes (but not strict about this). 2) I try to vacuum daily. 3) I spot clean immediately when there’s a stain using Folex cleaner 4) For a very soiled rug, I take it outside and hose it down/pressure wash. I also use an upright carpet shampooer on larger rugs for any larger stains or soiled spots. The best thing about the My Texas House rugs is that they are all stain resistant and very easy to clean!

Who is the builder of your house? Can I get the floor plan?


The builder of our current home is unfortunately no longer in business. And we are not at liberty to give out the floor plan as we did not build this house and do not hold the copyrights to the floor plan.



After the kids go to school, I try to straighten up the family room and kitchen…put all the pillows back on the sofa, clean up papers, toys, and riff raff, wipe down countertops, and put dishes in the dish washer. Run the vacuum around quickly and double check that the bathrooms aren’t trashed. Most days I don’t make my kids beds unless we have guests coming over (the kids are responsible for keeping their rooms clean and making their beds). I admittedly do not even make my own bed every day since I often sit on my bed to work on my lap top each day! But generally, following this daily routine keeps my house in pretty clean condition most of the time…it helps that my kids are a little older!



My page started out as a solely IG/social media type page so I’ve almost always just used my iPhone camera to take pics. Admittedly, my Canon camera probably takes better pics, but for the ease of storing, editing, and posting my photos, I’ve found that my iPhone works the best! I don’t think anyone can really tell that I take my pics only on my phone!

Editing… I almost exclusively use the app called Snapseed to edit my pictures. It takes some practice to use the app and figure out which functions work best for the photo style you’re going for. I like my pics all light and bright! I always increase brightness and decrease saturation on my pics (which helps reduce the “yellowness” of the picture). I sometimes use Lightroom to edit and have purchased a few preset packs….but I always end up coming back to Snapseed and individually edit each and every picture without any presets.

Where can I find the link to a product I’ve seen in your home?


You can find any product seen on my Instagram page or blog by going to this SHOP page on my website or by shopping on the LTK app.


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